Support our animals

Support our animals

We have seen neglected animals come to live again and get released. We have transformed our reserve from a broken down ecosystem into a flourishing forest. But we need your help.

Donations are vital for the animal care and conservation projects of Merazonia. We do not receive government funding and for the well-being of the animals, also do not receive tourists in our reserve. You can help by donating, adopting an animal or by donating materials.

Make a donation

Replacement released animals banner 590kbGive us 5!

Our growing Give us 5! community is proving that small monthly donations amount to big projects. Become a Merazonia donor for only $5 a month! With a broader financial support system, w can create more successful releases like that of Andy the anteater or the red howler monkey monkeys.

It also gives us the possibility to fix a broken cage, buy baby formula for neonatal animals, give a newly arrived animal the specialized care it needs, and so on! $5 might not seem like a lot, but with joined forces it created animal freedom and makes Merazonia stronger, better, sexier, furrier, in short: on top of the world!

Support Merazonia, and give us 5!

1 wooly Samson

Adopt an animal

Help us take care of the animals by adopting an animal with the amount of your choice. With your adoption, you will receive beautiful pictures of your animal and regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with the other animals. 

You can adopt your own animal here. 



Two toed sloth Stevie at MerazoniaDonate materials to help our animals

If you prefer to donate something tangible. Merazonia has a long wish list that include things such as medical equipment, tracking devices, trap cameras, hand tools and specialized primate food. Click here for our Amazon wishlist or contact us.

You can also support us by buying on AmazoneSmile, it won’t cost you a dime extra but 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to us by Amazon.

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