What people say

Working at Merazonia is a special experience. This is what previous volunteers and researchers say:

"The people have proved warm-hearted, hard-working, hilarious and best of all incredibly dedicated to the care and well-being of the animals here."

"Merazonia had a real sense of community and spirit, nothing was ever done half heartedly and everything was done for the good of the animals"

"There are big hills with mist that floats through the tops of trees, a river that runs right near our volunteer house (which makes falling asleep super easy), and depending on how the weather is you see different wildlife come out."

"I wish I could describe every minute of every day in an adequate enough manner so that it could portray the infectious concoction of happiness, excitement, passion and enthusiasm that was buzzing through everyone’s veins."

"The reserve is really geared towards trying to release animals, but those that won’t be released have pretty awesome cages and we spent loads of time trying to enrich their space."