Results and support

Results and support

Over the past years we have had great results and rehabilitated and released many animals combining passion and professionality. The list of successful rehabilitations now include groundbreaking projects such as the red howler monkeys and woolly monkeys (2018) releases, but also a blue-headed parrot release. Over the years we released several groups of tamarin monkeys (4 groups), three and two toed sloths (around 120), kinkajous (23), a Neotropical otter (see documentary), several felines (margay, ocelots and oncillas), agoutis, anteaters, armadillos, boas and coatis.

Rehabilitation programs
We will continue to responsibly rehabilitate and release animals. We never know what tomorrow brings and sometimes we suddenly have to focus our time and energy on a new arrival, especially if it has a good prospect of being released and time is of the essence. Nonetheless, we achieved two long term goals in 2018: the release of a group of woolly and red howler monkeys. Rehabilitation of social and intelligent animals such as primates, take a lot of investigation, observation and money and we could not have done this without the support of many donors and volunteers!

Your support is vital for releasing more animals. Interested in funding release projects? E-mail us on or donate directly.

blue headed parrots flying

Results 2018

The past year we managed to rehabilitate and release 12 sloths, 5 rainbow boas, 2 commun boas, 2 possums, 2 owls, 2 kinkajous, 1 pygmy anteater. We also succeeded in raising and releasing two toed sloth Stevie who came here when he was only a few weeks old. He is still being monitored in te jungle. But the most spectaculair projects were the difficult red howler monkey release and the woolly monkey release (the last one now in progress - more news to follow). Projects that took years of preparation.

Previous achievements

Our results are steady and improve over the years, thanks to people supporting us. In 2017 we execute the succeful and groundbreaking release of a group of 15 blue-headed parrots: a unique happening in Ecuador. Read the news item here. All fifteen parrots survived and were either adopted by a wild group or formed their own within the Merazonia reserve and beyond. Only one parrot still hangs around the centre. She is still human orientated but free and with a new release coming up she might find a suitable partner soon! In 2017 we also released: 30 three and two toed sloths, 2 kinkajous, 1 coati, 3 owls, 1 hawk, 3 possums and 7 boas. Also the adorable three-toed sloth Ali was released after being handreared here. Read her story here.

Results 2015-2016

In 2016 a total of 41 animals arrived at Merazonia. Of these, 22 were successfully released, 1 was transferred to a more appropriate centre for release, and 12 are still residents of Merazonia. Sadly 6 of the animals that arrived the past year died of their injuries.

In 2015 a total of 47 animals arrived at Merazonia. Of these, 31 were successfully released, 6 were transferred to a more appropriate centre for release, and 7 are still residents of Merazonia. Sadly 3 of the animals that arrive the past year died of their injuries.

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