Give us 5!

Give us 5!

Our growing GIVE us 5!-community is proving that small monthly donations amount to big projects. With a broader financial support system, we can continue succesful release projects such as that of Andy the anteater or the red howler monkeys and fix broken enclosures.

It can be daunting to think of the conservation issues we face as a planet. But if we have learned one thing at Merazonia, it is that one individual can make a difference. And that many individuals united can bring change. Becoming part of our GIVE US 5!-community will help us set up new release projects, improve enclosures, buy baby formula for a new neonate monkey, and so on! With joined forces we will create more animal releases and make Merazonia stronger, better, sexier, furrier, in short: on top of the world! Join us!

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Over the past years we have had great results, including pandemic year 2020. The list of successful rehabilitations now include groundbreaking projects such as the red howler monkey and woolly monkey releases, an anteater, but also a blue-headed parrot release. We have released several groups of tamarin monkeys (5 groups), three and two toed sloths (around 120), kinkajous (24), four Neotropical otters (see documentary), several felines (margay, ocelots, oncillas, jaguarundis), agoutis, anteaters, armadillos, boas and coatis.

Rehabilitation programs

We will continue to responsibly rehabilitate and release animals. We never know what tomorrow brings and sometimes we suddenly have to shift our focus on a new arrival, especially if it has a good prospect of being released and time is of the essence. Nonetheless, we achieve long term goals too with the release of a group of woolly and red howler monkeys. Rehabilitation of social and intelligent animals such as primates, take a lot of investigation, observation and money and we could not have done this without the support of many donors and volunteers!

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