We picked the six stories that stood out last year to share with you. There were successful releases of Sakura the otter and Stevie the sloth; there was the rehabilitation of Ruby the red howler and Andy the anteater; the edition of  first edition of our UK festival. And there is the story of the happiest parrot alive.

A forest free of human dangers brings back biodiversity. In 15 years the Merazonia reserve has gone through an amazing recovery. Emblematic animals such as the jaguar and the Andean bear are appearing again! On our YouTube canal you can find videos of animals filmed by our trail cameras.

Thanks to our dedicated team and a growing army of volunteers and donors, we are guiding more animals professionally to freedom. Apart from the groundbreaking red howler and woolly monkey releases, dozens of other mammals, reptiles and birds were released, making it a great year.

After years of preparation, our group of red howler monkeys is now free! They are doing really well. Merazonia is the only centre in Ecuador who manages red howlers and successfully maintains this species healthy in captivity. 

With the protection of our reserve a lot of wildlife has returned over the past fourteen years, both of mammals and birds. With an estimated 225 bird species to be found here, we started counting species. The results so far are bundled in a book: Birds of Merazonia.

Merazonia released its first group of 15 blue-headed parrots. Reintroducing this species is difficult but the birds have been monitored since their release in January and we are now confident to say that the reintroduction is a success. All parrots are alive!