Reforestation project with school kids Mera

Last month we did a small reforestation project on our reserve. The project was an initiative of Miss Mera 2016, and she got help from the Ministry of Environment and most importantly: many schoolchildren from Mera. Making Mera a bit more green!


Conservation is key to a healthy forest for animals to roam in and an important part of Merazonia’s goals. Apart from animal rescue and rehabilitation, we protect 100 hectares of mostly primary rain forest and our efforts are paying off, judging the increase of wildlife that we see in our trap cameras in the past years.

There is not much deforested land left on our reserve, but there was one forgotten spot that was formerly used to graze horses on. When Miss Mera, Ruth Vaca Medrano, contacted us about setting up a small reforestation project here, along with the primary school of Mera, we thought that was a great initiative!

Ruth got her own hands dirty clearing the land with us along with her own family, in order to prepare the land for planting new trees. She also contacted the Ministry to provide native trees to plant afterwards. And most importantly, she involved the local school children to come help and plant the trees!

In total about 30 children from the Jacinto Dávila primary school in Mera got their hands dirty carrying the plants to the area through the jungle and planting the seedlings. They were accompanied by several teachers from the school and a delegation of the Ministry, including regional director Angélica Navarrete.


Mera is situated in the ecological corridor Llanganates-Sangay, a transitional zone between The Andes and The Amazon with a unique biodiversity. It was great to have the presence of local kids here and to see their enthusiasm. We were able to show them some of our animals in rehabilitation and explain the importance of a conservation project like this. We hope we will continue to work together with local schools in the future in conservation and education and want to thank Ruth once again for her efforts of making Mera a little more green!