David Attenborough backs Merazonia festival in the UK

Merazonia is coming to Europe! On September 22nd, the first Merazonia festival will take place in the UK. The festival has the blessing from the Godfather of conservation: Sir David Attenborough! He might even pop by. We are going to celebrate our fifteen years of existence with live music, great food, interesting speakers, raffles and the opportunity to meet like-minded people. So clear your agenda and start packing!

The festival is called Jungle Groove and has its own website: www.junglegroove.org. It will be held in Hathersage, Derbyshire in the beautiful Peak district of England. We want it to be a joyful celebration of our work. So there will be live music and great food plus a chance to connect to people. But there are also interesting talks scheduled and we tackle more serious issues like the recent fires in Brazil.

David Attenborough

Celebrity names in conservation such as Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Steve Backshall are all endorsing the festival! Steve made us an awesome promotion video too, and recorded a video to be played at the festival. All proceeds will go to Merazonia. Our manager Jeni Taylor will be present to talk about the animals, our projects and to answer any questions. There will be likeminded projects to present their work, like Washu - a project focused on protecting the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey of Ecuador. They are presenting their work on the festival and are bringing the delicious quality chocolate bars from Ecuador, with which they finance their project. Our popular hoodies and shirts will also be for sale.

We hope she will be surrounded by many of our volunteers, Merazonia supporters from all over the UK and Europe. Don't miss out on this unique experience, people! "Animal care is at the core of what Merazonia does", says Merazonia's co-founder Frank Weijand. "By making a difference in the lives of individual animals, and individual volunteers for that matter, we are able to be a positive contributor to the bigger conservation story. And we are always open for new adventures and new ideas such as creating a festival!"

Live music

Conservation and sustainibility are exciting concepts that should be greeted with enthusiasm and optimism rather than something daunting or stuffy. It deserves a positive beat. The line up is not complete yet but several bands have confirmed that will be performing, such as: The Tin Pigeons, Boats on the ocean, Strizzy Strauss, Myles Knight, Rory Fear, Courtney Wilson ft Tom Featherstone, Me gusta DJ Collective etc.

The organization of the festival is in the capable hands of Megan Birch. Her enthusiasm, energy and organizational talents alone, will guarantee the festival will be one big positive vibe. In case you have questions about the festival or want to offer help, you can contact Megan on: mbirchmerazonia@gmail.com