Merazonia's top 6 stories of 2019

We picked the six stories that stood out last year to share with you. There were successful releases of Sakura the otter and Stevie the sloth; there was the rehabilitation of Ruby the red howler and Andy the anteater; the edition of  first edition of our UK festival. And there is the story of the happiest parrot alive.

Stevie the sloth

Stevie was hand-reared at Merazonia in 2018 and set free later that year with a radio tracker. He got injured after a few weeks, received emergency surgery, spent a month in recovery in the clinic and then went out again in January 2019. Ever since, he rules the jungle and has grown into a beautiful, pear shaped young man. We still track him about once a week in the reserve.

Sakura the otter

When this young female otter arrived she was battling on the verge of life and death. Luckily we have a resident veterinarian and with some intensive care and medical help, she pulled through. She grew really well, developed her fishing skills and remained cautious of humans. She was released in November and adapted swiftly to a life in liberty!

Carlos the parrot

3 Carlos the parrot 1 600 x 426Not all great stories need to end with release. Carlos the yellow crowned parrot will never be free. He simply has too many physical issues for that due to neglect and we even considered euthanasia for him. But after receiving some warm baths (see photo) he showed us his happy side. Carlos is kickin’ it now and is the most upbeat animal in our care. He plays and sings all day and little by little is even getting in to better shape. What a champ! 

Jungle Groove

Merazonia aims to be a sparkle of optimism and positivity in the world, creating a safe haven for animals in a reserve where people can share their passion for nature. So imagine how proud we are on the ex-volunteers that understood that message and translated it into a UK festival, named Jungle Groove! There was great music, great food, great people, great talks: great fun. It was such a success that the second edition of Merazonia’s Jungle Groove festival is programmed for September 2020!


Young howler monkeys at MerazoniaOn arrival, Ruby was too weak to walk and had parts of her fur missing. But now she forms part of her own group of young howler monkeys and she has grown chubby and feisty! We hope we can do the same for her group as we did for the first group of howlers that we released in our reserve, two years ago (watch their release video here). This group are now absolutely thriving in freedom at the Merazonia reserve!

Andy the anteater

Confiscated from a trafficked at the Mera police checkpoint, Andy had the biggest military protection we ever seen. 20 fully armed men surrounded him and he was still a baby. We managed to hand-rear him and he is going through thousands of termites a day now. We believe 2020 will be his year, so watch your backs termites, Andy is coming for you!

Andy the ant eater at MerazoniaJungle Groove UK festival by MerazoniaStevie the sloth hangin at Merazonia