Baby boomers and released animals!

We are back from radio silence. We passed through some rough months with few people around, so all our hands were busy scooping up poop! But volunteer numbers are up again and new animal projects on their way. Our latest success story is the release of a group of tamarin monkeys and... They had babies! We also saw solitary eagles and gave an owl back its feedom. Plus a (non-poop) scoop: Merazonia is on TV soon!

A couple of months ago we released a group of 4 tamarins. Trap camera footage showed that they joined a couple of wild tamarins, which is really positive for them as they will benefit from the local knowledge held by the wild ones. Later trap camera footage there were even two babies!

More babies

Tamarin babies merazoniaUp at Merazonia we have another group of 5 tamarins that saw two babies born on New Year's Day. They are growing fast, happily riding on daddy Fergal's or proud uncle Jackson's back. Lately, they are getting more and more independent. Their release is imminent. Hopefully more news on that next time.

Solitary eagles

Merazonia solitary eagleA group of 3 solitary eagles has regularly been seen circling over the Merazonia reserve, most likely a couple with their young. This might make you shrug your shoulders but solitary eagles are extremely rare – more so than their famous cousin the harpy eagle. An expert told us that in Ecuador no breeding sites are known for this bird so yet another sign that our reserve is in good shape!

Almost famous

Merazonia Unknown Amazo Vice TV Pedro AndradeIn February, Vice TV filmed an episode of Unknown Amazon at Merazonia. In a series of six episodes, several parts of modern day life in the Amazon basin are explored. The show is hosted by journalist Pedro Andrade and the episode filmed at Merazonia focuses on animals. Co-stars of the show are our vet Louisa and co-workers Jeni and Ana. The show is scheduled to air in July. We will keep you posted.

Woolly star

The real star of the TV show is Pedro Jr, a baby woolly monkey that arrived here on the day of filming. Junior was found in the jungle town of Coca and desperately needed a home. He is developing well in Merazonia and recently was joined by another youngster, Chancho – a one armed little bandit that is slowly settling in too. They have started their gradual introduction to our family of bachelor male woolly monkeys: so far so good! Especially Pedro Jr. adores Carlitos.

What else is cooking?

On a human note: we inaugurated our new kitchen! Two very generous friends of the project (and fantastic cooks), completely financed this project and with few volunteers around, it was a good time to bring down the old, rotting kitchen. This is what rose from its ashes: isn't she a beauty?

If you want to start a crowd funding action for us yourself, let us know! We are happy to help you set it up, share ideas and offer support! But you can also join our GIVE US 5-family. Without this growing group of monthly donors we would not have survived the past year and the near future would look gloomy. Please, join them with a one-off or monthly donation and make a difference for many animals!

Fixing up animals

Merazoia medical teamOur vet Louisa and various vet students had busy weeks trying to fix up snakes, owls and anteaters. Despite their best efforts a rainbow boa did not make it: his machete cuts were too severe. A wounded anteater is recovering well thanks to our medics but appears old. We keep an eye on him as he is now foraging our reserve. A band bellied owl was also succesfully treated for its injuries It  then took various days of flight training but the result can be seen at the end of the compilation video.

More animal news

Moving back to the animals: most the animals at Merazonia are in great shape! The group of free red howlers moves around the trees impressively and fills us with pride. The coastal black howlers in our temporary care are also well; hopefully they can move to a release site on the coast this year.

On bird news: new company has arrived for our blue and yellow macaw Houdini. Meet Lycius (photo bottom page): perhaps not the best looking blue and yellow macaw (yet), nor in the best shape (yet), but hopefully we can fix him up and create a happy love bird story.

Merazonia band bellied owlMerazonia new kitchenMerazonia macaw