This time it is not the black jaguar stealing the show in our trap camera, but a beautiful puma passing through our reserve. We shot a great video of it, showing natural behaviour, as it stopped right in front of the camera. We also filmed other animals.

Our newsletter is out, with updates on all our animals, the succesful releases we executed in the past year and our plans for 2017. Click here to read it!

We are happy to announce that our three red howler monkeys are now living peacefully together! Niamh, Seamus, and Emuya are eating and sleeping cosily side by side. Read more details and watch the video!

The kinkajous Mamí and her daughters Rosita and Bebé continue to enjoy their freedom. Youngsters Romeo and Jools have moved to a rehab enclosure and will soon get their chance too.

Baby woolly monkeys Carlitos and Malala were successfully introduced to the main group last month. We also had a new arrival, Mico, who was clearly the victim of professional animal traffickers.