Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Help us take care of the animals by adopting an animal with the amount of your choice. With your adoption, you will receive beautiful pictures of your animal and regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with the other animals. 

Merazonia manages to release many animals but also looks after those that cannot be set free or are in costly rehabilitation programs. 

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Adopt Archie the Woolly Monkey 

Archie: Still young and bouncy, arrived only 4 months old. We give him 24 hour attention as well as a specialized diet. Het still needs lots of comfort as his mother would have. Young monkeys such as woolly monkey Archie here often start blossoming once they arrive at Merazonia and get the protection and care they need. That is why the ministry ideally brings them to us when they are found or confiscated. Neonate care for woolly monkeys does not come cheap though. We will spend about $30 a month on a woolly monkey baby like Archie.

With your adoption, you will receive regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with other monkeys in the future.

 Yes, I support Archie and adopt him with the amount of my choice!


Andy DSC05460 600 x 400 1

Adopt Andy the Ant Eater

Andy arrived only a few weeks old. We are teaching her the ways of the jungle, taking her climbing and searching for termite nests.

She also receives a complex formula to get all the vitamins she needs, like vitamin K. So apart from cute, neonates are costly.

Adopting Andy would be of great help to us. For $15 a month we can make her grow and develop into a healthy free roaming anteater. 

Yes, I support Andy and adopt her with the amount of my choice!

Toby IMG 0461 600 x 400

 Adopt Toby the Tayra

Jumping through trees, bouncing on the forest floor, swimming like a fish- that’s the life of a Tayra. Tayras are hyperactive, opportunistic omnivorous animals from the weasel family.

The younger they are, the more active and dopey they behave. Toby is craaaaazy at times which means he needs a lot of space in order to prepare him for a potential life in the wild. Help us get Toby back to a scavaging, energetic life in the wild. 

Yes, I support Toby and adopt him with the amount of my choice!

Nubes Thibaut 2019 48 600 x 400

 Adopt Nubes the Coati

Nubes is a young coati that has been under our care for while now. They are curious, investigative and energetic animals. They explore up and down trees with their ankles that can rotate 60 degrees and scurry around the jungle floor with their ringed tails in the air.

Soon, we hope to introduce Nubes to the other females so we can form a group that can be released!

Yes, I support Nubes and adopt her with the amount of my choice!

handicapped parrot carlitos

Adopt Carlos the handicapped Parot

Sometimes animals arrive in such a poor state of health that we have to evaluate whether they have quality of life left. Carlos’ feathers were a mess, he had poop caked to him and could not stand on his feet.

Chances on a full recovery were slim. But, he perked up after a few weeks at Merazonia and although probably handicapped for life he is most likely the happiest animal we have at Merazonia.

Watching him play, chirp and babble to himself in his epically adapted house, is just a joy after a day of hard work! Adopt Carlos with a monthly donation of your choice so that we can continue to give him the special care that he needs.

Yes, I support Carlos and adopt him with the amount of my choice!

3 a howler niamh

Adopt Pepper the Red Howler 

Pepper probably lived in a dark room in poor conditions before Merazonia. On the picture you can see her amazed expression when she sees the sun for the first time and feels its warmth. 

We love our red heads! Merazonia is the only centre in Ecuador, successfully keeping red howler monkeys in captivity. They need a lot of special care and specific diets, to survive.

Pepper is now living with Chili and hopefully they are the first two red howlers monkeys of a second group of howlers we will prepare for release.

Yes, I support Pepper and adopt her with an amount of my choice!

m 3-a-capuchin-cameron-5-1

Adopt Cameron the Capuchin 

Though reaching adulthood, Cameron is still pretty much a youngster at hard: playful and acrobatic. Capuchins are the most intelligent new world monkeys which made them popular to use in TV-series and it added to their popularity as a pet.

Cameron and his group members all come from houses and this makes it very important to find an isolated release site for them, far away from the temptations of humans and human products. We hope we will be able to accomplish this in the years to come, but until then, the group goes through lots of food and enrichment installations. 

Yes, I support Cameron and adopt him with an amount of my choice!

m 1-puma-pangui-100-1

Adopt Pangui the Puma

Pangui (meaning female puma in Mapuche) has a sad past. She was locked up in a 1 by 2 meter cage for several years in a hostel and could hardly walk when she got here. Little by little she recovered and she can now jump 5 meters high within seconds, without blinking.

She is physically super fit but the risks of releasing her are too high. She will most likely spend her life with us in her spacious and secluded jungle enclosure. Feeding a puma costs a lot of money every month.

Yes, I support Pangui and adopt her with an amount of my choice!

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